South Auckland: The Growth of Solar Technology

South Auckland: The Growth of Solar Technology

Low electricity bills, better electricity flow, and cleaner environment are currently the goal Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is looking into. To meet these goals, Mayor Phil Goff is teaming up with Vector and Entrust to take energy efficient solutions, including solar and battery technology, into the homes and schools of south Auckland suburbs Papakura and Takanini.

Launched last March 13, Edmund Hillary School in Papakura with a solar-powered robot race, the Energy Efficient Communities Project, a partnership between Entrust, Auckland Council and Vector, will deliver free hot water heat control units, up to 15,000 LED lightbulbs, and energy advice to homeowners in Papakura and Takanini.

Twelve local organisations, including schools and community facilities, will also receive a energy storage technology that stores the sun’s energy and delivers clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn’t shining. The provision of energy efficient technology will be complemented by an education programme in local schools which promotes simple actions that families can take to reduce energy bills.

The Energy Efficient Communities Project is being run as a trial and it forms part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership between the organisations to promote sustainable and renewable energy in Auckland including solar and battery technology.

“EECP can make a real and practical difference for Aucklanders as the city builds a more sustainable energy network. Energy efficiency is good for the community and good for our city. It means more affordable electricity bills, healthier homes and less impact on our environment,” Auckland’s Mayor Phil Goff said.

“We need to make our housing stock more efficient and healthier and it’s partnerships like this that seriously boost our efforts placing the latest solar and battery technology in the hands of our communities. It provides the up-front capital to help home owners install energy efficient technology,” Goff added.

Local Edmund Hillary Primary School Principal, Kataraina Nock, welcomed the installation of the solar and battery system, and believes the simple actions education programme to reduce energy bills will be incredibly beneficial for local families.

“Students take home what they learn at school, and with this project the energy efficiency message is not just about a sustainable city, it’s a conversation about the real and tangible actions families can take to lower household expenditure on electricity and the importance of a healthy home,” says Ms Nock.