Solar Power To Solve Diesel Burning in New Zealand.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna have officially opened solar arrays on the Northern Cook Islands of Penrhyn and Manihiki and marked the Cook Islands Solar Project completion. In a statement, McCully said the new solar arrays will provide over 95 percent of the electricity needs for the villages they connect to and deliver power to more than 230 homes and public buildings. The completion of these projects in Penryhn and Manihiki will mark the final stage of $20.5 million investment in solar energy in the Cook Islands, which has already seen the development of solar arrays on Rakahanga, Pukapuka, Nassau and Palmerston. The projects are expected to save approximately 230,000 litres of imported diesel per year and free up Cook Island government funds for other development priorities. “Since hosting the Pacific Energy Summit in 2013 New Zealand has been supporting a major push to increase the uptake of renewable energy in the Pacific. Our work in the Cook Islands is part of a wider $100 million investment renewable energy across seven Pacific countries,” Mr McCully said. Find more information at:

Arts Centre in Auckland Goes Green with Solar Panels.

In Auckland, a 68 kW system of 256 solar panels has been installed to Te Oro Music and Arts Center and is expected to generate 15% of the art center’s power needs. It has taken months to install the canopy-mounted system on the new high-tech roof of the center. It could save about $350,000 energy costs of the Auckland Council facility over the next 25 years. This is one of New Zealand’s largest solar power systems that have been switched on.   Find more information at:...