Optimus Energy, your solar wholesaler in New Zealand.

Welcome to Optimus Energy New Zealand. We are part of the Optimus Energy group of companies who provide a range of services to the Solar Industry from multiple locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our Range of Services Include;

  • PV Product Distribution.
  • Energy Consultancy.
  • PV Design Services.
  • Procurement and Sourcing.

Solar Modules.

Optimus Energy New Zealand offers some of the most recognised brands in the Solar Industry.

Some of our Brands Include; 

Seraphim 275W Modules

Seraphim 275W Poly 60 Cell Modules represent good quality at a competitive price. These modules are part of our standard offering at Optimus Energy New Zealand.

Seraphim Logo

Seraphim 280W All Black

The Seraphim All Black Mono panel is a real eye-catcher. This panel is an affordable option for the premium end of the market. If you are looking to stand out from the pack, but still reach a value price point. Seraphim All Black is a great choice.

Seraphim Eclipse 320W

A new standard has been set for premium solar modules. The Seraphim Eclipse Mono All Black 320W module, incorporates a new design 340 cell structure to provide premium efficiency. If you are looking to the future of solar module design, the Seraphim Eclipse is at the forefront.

Wholesale Grid Tied Inverters.

At Optimus Energy New Zealand we offer a broad range of Solar inverters to cater for various design needs & budgetary requirements.

Our Inverter Brands Include;

Zeversolar Inverters.

Zeversolar is part of the SMA group, who’s inverter technology has been used in a major part of all solar installations globally over the past 20 years. The Zeversolar product is an affordable string inverter range from 1.5kW – 30kW Three Phase.

SMA Inverters.

SMA provides industry-leading solar inverter technology to the world. When you specify SMA to your clients, you know you are offering quality. SMA products are available for Single Phase, Three Phase & Off-Grid applications.


Fronius has been a cutting-edge supplier of solar inverter technology for many years. All Fronius inverters are made in Austria & are shipped into New Zealand by Optimus Energy.

Grid Hybrid and Off-Grid Energy Storage.

Optimus Energy New Zealand offers wholesale pricing on a full range of Lithium battery storage solutions for both grid and off-grid applications.

Our Brands Include;

Alpha ESS Smile 5.

The Alpha ESS Smile 5 is an all in one solution for residential Hybrid Energy Storage. This unit is ideal for applications where you are trying to increase self-consumption, with the added benefit of emergency power, when there is a grid outage.

Alpha ESS OF5 (Off-Grid).

The Alpha ESS OF5 is a unique Lithium All In One off-grid solution for homes & small industrial applications. This unit is extremely versatile & can also be connected to a generator. (Subject to regulations).

LG Them Resu.

LG is one of the most notable consumer brands in the world. The LG Chem Resu has become an extremely popular product in the residential energy storage market, for its supreme reliability at an affordable price.

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